How to apply?

You may apply online, anytime from March 2nd to May 4th 2015: 

  1. Click on Fill in the application form online”, or go to the King Baudouin Foundation’s online application page here. On that page, click “Complete an on-line application”. You may also download your application form in order to fill it in in test version offline before submitting your final application online.
  2. The first thing you need to do is register.  Once registered, you can access the Prince Albert Fund application form. When you have the application form onscreen, make sure the title is: “My application form: Prince Albert Fund 2016” (if not, you’ll have to go back and start again) 
  3. Start completing the form 

– Test the application. After you’ve completed the first page try ‘Save Provisionally’ at the bottom of the page. If this doesn’t work restart your browser and start to process again. If you still cannot save any data, ask the KBF contact centre to send you a printed copy +32 (0)70-233 065 or

Remember: You can always save your unfinished application form provisionally and complete it later (deadline: May 4th 2015, at midnight). 

Selection process

A Prince Albert Fund Grant is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. No more than 20 candidates are selected per year, all of them outstanding individuals. For the selection process, the Fund relies on the expertise of a specially chosen committee made up of experts in international business, in HR, and alumni of the Fund.  

In the first round, your application explain why your profile, experience and aspirations are within the Fund’s scope, and why your candidature responds to the Grant criteria. If you get through to the second round, you’ll be interviewed by members of the selection committee.

The Jury selection is based on the following criteria:

  • Strong track record of excellence, drive and resilience;
  • Overall presence, ability to convince;
  • Social attitude: open minded, flexible, team player;
  • Maturity, ability to adapt to a different culture;
  • Motivation for participating in the Prince Albert Fund and expected impact on career;
  • Potential to contribute to society in general.

All interviews take place on the same day. At the end of, the committee members meet to make a joint decision on which applicants will be awarded a grant.

The selection committee is chaired by Pieter Timmermans, CEO of the Federation of Belgian Enterprises (VBO-FEB).

Do remember, if you’re selected you’ll need to start your project between January 1st and June 30th 2016. 

Training and coaching

The Fund invests in a personal learning curve for selected candidates which includes specific training and coaching focused on the intercultural learning curve managed by coach Bert Vercamer.

During the orientation days you’ll learn more about the Prince Albert Fund and you’ll have the opportunity to discuss issues with alumni. You’ll also meet company representatives with project opportunities for you to familiarise yourself with. But even more important than that, you’ll learn about your own IDI Individual Profile which will provide you with valuable information about your own orientations in the area of cultural differences. 

Training and orientation course attendance is mandatory – fail to turn up and you’ll lose your Grant.

Meet our coach Bert Vercamer

Bert Vercamer is a Belgian professional in the fields of organisational development, intercultural learning, facilitation and training. He holds a Masters in Economics and is currently pursuing a Masters in Intercultural Relations in the USA. Having worked in over 30 countries, including South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, most of Europe, Thailand, Australia and the USA, he is familiar with a wide range of training methodologies, especially concerning intercultural communication, intercultural competency and intercultural relations. 

Bert has a wide experience in crisis management, organizational diagnosis and new business development in an international context. He also specialises in facilitation and training of highly diverse groups. Bert is a qualified administrator in the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) and certified administrator of the Intercultural Awareness Profile (IAP). 

Cultural feedback on your return                                              

Once you’ve completed your Prince Albert Fund one-year experience and you’re back in Belgium, you’ll join the Fund for a day to reflect upon your experience and to discuss your own IDI Individual Profile with Bert Vercamer, and talk about the impact of the intercultural experience on your life. 

This is a unique opportunity to take a step back and see the big picture together with your fellow participants.  The one-day session will take place in October 2017 and attendance is mandatory

For more info, see our FAQs here

Do I need to have a business degree?

You need to have a master’s degree to apply. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in business but you should have a demonstrable interest in the business world. Prince Albert Fund Alumni include those with degrees in Business, Commercial Engineering, Law, other Engineering, Philology, Languages, Sciences etc.

I’m over 30, can I still apply?

Sorry no!  The Prince Albert Fund invests in the careers of young potentials at the point where we believe it will be of most value to candidates’ futures.    

Do I need to have any professional experience?

Yes. In addition to your master’s degree you need a minimum of 3 years professional experience

Do I need to be fluent in English?

Absolutely! English is the principal language of international business language. You should also be prepared to learn the local language of your project.   

Do I need to present a project when I apply? 

No.  The Prince Albert fund has a selection of projects you may choose from that have been proposed by companies expanding abroad. Alternatively, your own contacts and interests may form the basis of a project you may wish to propose. Either is fine with us, we appreciate professionals who have the enthusiasm and maturity to start a project for a company of their choice. 

Can the host company be the company I am currently working for?

No. The point of the Prince Albert Fund is to give you a new opportunity in a new environment.

When do I start working for the project and company I select?

Once you have been selected (usually in November), you can start looking and identify your chosen company and project. After a validation of the project by the Prince Albert Fund, a contract will be established between the company and the Prince Albert Fund and you can already start (for a maximum of 1 month) at the company’s premises in Belgium. Don’t forget to take into account the time you will need to leave your previous job, if applicable. Before you leave for your mission abroad, you’ll also have to follow the cultural training and coaching.

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