How does it work?

A win-win process that brings new talent into your company

The Prince Albert Fund offers a win-win proposal – new fixed-term talent at a highly attractive cost ratio for your company, and a real project-management challenge funded by us for the candidate.  But we expect a similar commitment from host companies as we do young managers. As high potentials, they are not junior trainees – they should be given decision-making power and autonomy to encourage initiative and allow them to acquire relevant international experience.

The project must offer a challenge to explore and set out new strategies for your business, such as: 

  • Carry out market studies before launching new products; 
  • Launch a foreign subsidiary; 
  • Identify and promote best practices among subsidiaries abroad; 
  • Revise supply chain management for selected materials. 

For each project, you should appoint a coach or mentor within your organisation. As the main contact for the participant within your company, this person will supervise and coach the participant throughout the project. 

Costs & procedure

The Prince Albert Fund provides the participant with an annual scholarship grant of €25,000 net. The company pays no salary, but pays a tax-deductible contribution of € 12,000 to the Prince Albert Fund to help cover operational expenses, as well as paying for the candidate’s housing, flights and mission related expenses.

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