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For information about the Prince Albert Fund, please contact:

Anne-Catherine Chevalier, Managing Director
Phone : +32 2 549 61 85

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Anneke Denecker, Knowledge Manager
Phone : +32 2 549 02 13

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Postal address :
Prince Albert Fund
Rue Brederode straat 21
B-1000 Brussels

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Our mission is to help talented young professionals discover and develop their true international leadership potential and so contribute to the development of the Belgian economy.

Both candidates and companies confirm how relevant our mission is today. We therefore aim to double the grants we give each year to offer this exceptional opportunity to more talented individuals.

Our initial endowment was made possible thanks to the generous contribution of the Belgian companies under the leadership of the VBO-FEB and the King Baudouin Foundation back in 1984. This has allowed more than 420 talented individuals to boost their careers and develop the Belgian economy over the past 30 years.

You can help us offer more grants by contributing to the Fund. All small gifts make a difference. Help us build the strong leaders of tomorrow!

Post Bank/Banque de la poste

BE10 0000 0000 0404


Ref : 062/0000/00056 

All gifts above 40€ are tax-deductible.

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