A grant of the Prince Albert Fund represents a once-in-a-lifetime experience for talented young Belgian professionals. You boost your career and discover a new professional environment abroad. How? You manage a 12-month business project outside Europe for a Belgian company. The choice of project and destination is your own. To carry out the project, the Fund grants you a tax-free yearly compensation of 25.000 euros. The company covers your travel and accommodation expenses. 


The Fund invests in a personal learning curve for each trainee. This learning curve consists of 2 aspects: the intercultural learning curve (managed by interculturalist Bert Vercamer), and the technical learning curve where you attend sessions on international business management (at the International Business Institute).

The 12-month programme proceeds as follows: 

• Prior to departure, you attend a 3-day training session developed specifically for you. 

• You join a maximum of 3 sessions of your own choice of the IBI programme  

• You spend a maximum of one month at the host company in Belgium to prepare your project. 

• You then spend at least 11 months abroad conducting the project for the host company. 


    Pay attention to the fact that, if you are selected, you will have to start your project between January 1st 2016 and June 30st 2016. 


• Upon return to Belgium, you attend a feedback session organized by the Fund and hand in your evaluation report to the management board. Based on the reports and the feedback of the company, the board awards participants the title of "Laureate of the Prince Albert Fund". 


Please have a look at our folder: PAF Leaflet 



News and events

 Online Applications will be open from March 2nd 2015 to May 4th 2015 (midnight).

Infosession is organized at King Baudouin Foundation on Tuesday March 10th at 7pm.




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