Since the creation of the Fund, more than 450 talented young professionals and over 200 international companies have benefited from their association with the Prince Albert Fund.  Find out how the Fund has contributed to their personal career development and international business expansion, as they share with us their experiences below.

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Marieke Van Roosbroeck - Participant 2016

"Gathering qualitative information was easy. Translating it into a quantitative model proved more challenging."


Cartamundi is the worldwide leader in manufacturing playing cards and games. The company wished to develop its products in the Asia Pacific Region. Marieke assisted Cartamundi with this expansion.


Marieke’s primary task was to evaluate the relevance of an investment in a dedicated casino cards production line for Cartamundi. Following extensive research, she became quite knowledgeable about all the relevant aspects of the global casino market in a very short time. This helped her meet the influencers and decision-makers in the field, such as casino operators and purchasing managers, and make specific recommendations.

Afterwards, Marieke focused on ways to grow the Cartamundi playing cards business and other game products in the Asia Pacific region, more specifically for children. In that respect, she actively promoted the games and educational cards, launching a new educational range in Singapore pre- schools, working with social media influencers and bloggers.

How she benefited

Cartamundi allowed Marieke to add several competences to her skillsets such as forecasting, excel and planning experience, which tied in with her ambition to move into strategic operational business development or a consulting position.

This Prince Albert Fund mission came at the right time in her career and was very profitable as it exposed her to new fields of business. Her outstanding work allowed the Group’s Board to better evaluate potential business and investment opportunities.

The company – Cartamundi

Cartamundi Group is a Belgian company, based in Turnhout, which has been manufacturing and selling board games, card games, collectible card games, packages and playing cards through its manufacturing and sales subsidiaries since 1765. It is the world’s no. 1 company for the production and sales of cards and games. As a result of strategic partnerships and investments, Cartamundi is currently expanding fast all over the world, from Singapore
to Brazil, from Stockholm to Dallas and Tokyo.

“The Board congratulated Marieke on the quality of her business report for the company providing us with valuable information with regards to the games market and our competitors.”

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