A select network of Alumni

The alumni form a lifelong network of hundreds of successful international minded Belgian professionals who have been through the Prince Albert Fund experience.
The Alumni association organizes regular get-together events while also plays an active role in promoting the Fund and giving support to young participants while they are abroad.

All participants in previous years’ Prince Albert Fund grant programmes, the Alumni, are those who have successfully carried out their international project. Forming a lifelong network, they are the Fund’s dynamic community.

The network organizes regular events such as business dinner discussion with guest speakers and the annual post-ceremony reunion, providing opportunities for Alumni to network with like-minded professionals.

They play an active role in promoting the Fund by maintaining close connections with the Belgian business world as well as meeting with applicants and newly selected participants.

Alumni also coach Grant participants in their challenge, giving substantial value and support to them while they are abroad.

The Chairwomen of the alumni is:

Floriane Uyttenhove, Alumni 2014

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