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Andries Brys - Participant 2017-2018

Not only have I re-skilled and rebranded myself, but I am also better prepared for the challenges in the digital economy


Andries Brys helped establish a strategic marketing plan in the USA for Clickshare, Barco’s wireless presentation system by actively engaging with the sales and channel team.


After an initial research phase, Andries primarily focused on a business plan for Barco’s ClickShare wireless presentation system. “My objective was to give a higher exposure to the ClickShare device in a larger number of meeting rooms, where a lot of visiting decision makers could experience this technology and interact with it”. He also added the videoconferencing solution, thus creating a complete ecosystem.

How he benefited

Andries strongly developed his project management skills. “I made specific recommendations in terms of product management and development, sales organizations and marketing based on extensive research. I thus gained a lot more experience in how to take on a large goal, divide in subtasks, and coordinate with others”, he explains. “This also means working with SMART goals, clearly defining a timeline and implementing a transparent follow-up system for everyone”.

The company – Barco

 Barco is a global leader in networked visualization solutions, designing innovative collaboration systems, helping a variety of selected professional markets (enterprises, healthcare, entertainment) to make meaningful connections. Employing 3,250 people in more than 90 countries, Barco enables customers worldwide to optimise productivity and business efficiency.


Andries is a bridge-builder, seamlessly interfacing in and between teams in a matrix organization. Thanks to a thorough analysis of business situations he came to a full understanding and was able to identify strategic patterns.

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