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Antoine Smets - Participant 2017-2018

Exposure to many different experiences, across different industries, roles and countries is key to develop a fulfilling international career.


Antoine Smets was tasked with implementing a new version of the product Cubigo previously developed for the USA. The mobile platform provides convenient access to qualified services for senior citizens.


When the product turned out to not be as market-ready as expected, it undermined Cubigo’s credibility among its customer base. Antoine succeeded in regaining the trust of the company’s clients, making the product market-ready and finalizing a first successful implementation. The second phase of his mission consisted of the relaunch of the US operations, taking into account the learnings of the past 6 months. “My priorities were to execute the sales and implementation plan that had been agreed upon with the rest of the management team and the board”.

How he benefited

“The Prince Albert Fund experience opened many doors for me. I can now help companies gain valuable time and limit risks when entering a new market. I won’t let this experience and lessons learned from it fade over time. I also find it very important to invest my energy and time in projects where I can have a significant impact and invest my efforts in projects that pursue greater goals.”

Working for Cubigo fulfilled all of those requirements: Antoine was able to take on a crucial role that helped the company move forward with a product that improves the lives of senior citizens and their families.

The company – Cubigo


Cubigo, which was established in 2011, has developed a cloud-based platform that empowers people to live an independent and healthy life by supporting and stimulating self-care. The platform connects senior citizens, caregivers, family and businesses with a user-friendly, modular User Interface, offering a wide set of functionalities. The company has offices in Belgium, Spain and the United States.



Antoine did not only perform well on his core task, he also took it to the next level by starting to standardize the way Cubigo carries out client implementations. He also finetuned the strategy/business case framework, tailoring it and ensuring it was rooted in overall trends.

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