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Audrey Vandenborne - Participant 2021-2022

“During my mission, I experienced the tremendous value of a PAF alumni mentor.”


As a business operation manager, Audrey was responsible for setting up Cubigo’s operations, building the team, and further developing business activities and partnerships in the North American market.


Audrey’s challenge was to position the company as a leader in its niche. More concretely, she was tasked with three responsibilities: business development, Account Management/Operations, and taking the lead on HR & Marketing initiatives. In this cross-functional role, she had to collaborate with both the product and sales teams. Finally, she also assisted the VP of sales in developing and rolling out standardized professional services strategy in the region.

How she benefited

For Audrey, the Prince Albert Fund experience opened the door to a broad network of ambitious people. It also helped her to acquire more self-awareness, both on a personal and professional level. “I needed to develop commercial and technical knowledge to adequately capture the client’s needs and translate these to the product team in Belgium”, she explains. Her scope of responsibilities was very broad, spanning sales, marketing and implementation in the field of senior care and living.

The company – Cubigo

Cubigo, established in 2011, is the first integrated platform for senior living, empowering senior citizens to live an independent and healthy life by promoting and supporting self-care. The platform, an all-in-one hospitality suite, connects senior citizens, community staff, family members and businesses with a user-friendly, modular user interface, offering a comprehensive set of functions. The company has offices in Belgium, Spain and the United States.

Audrey made a real difference in the marketing and implementation of our business. She professionalized our marketing approach, by managing partnerships and bringing our content strategy to a new level.”

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