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Benjamin Praet - Participant 2013-2015

The experience, the new skills as well as meeting new people paved the way for many new professional opportunities that I didn’t have before the proje


Benjamin Praet’s mission was to develop the Latin American market for Origis Energy (“Origis”), a developer, financier, and long-term asset manager of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy installations.


Origis is currently developing multiple solar photovoltaic energy projects in both the United States and Chile. Together with another Origis team member, Benjamin established commercial agreements with Chile, and instigated further successful business development in Brazil, Mexico, Panama and the Caribbean.

His work consisted of project management including negotiating contracts with suppliers, follow-up on all legal, financial and administrative aspects, cash planning and management during development, negotiations with financial stakeholders including banks, and so on. He also dealt with business development sourcing and assessment of opportunities in different countries including all risks involved.

How he benefited

This project was a very good experience in Benjamin’s professional life, which involved moving from a large to a small dynamic company in a high growth industry. In the beginning, he encountered many cultural challenges, as a result of his move to Miami and working in the United States, but also during his travels in North and Latin America.

“I previously worked in a Big 4 consultancy, where everything was well planned and managed. This job gave me the opportunity to work independently, in a different and very dynamic environment with many uncertainties and surprises so I learnt a lot,” he explains.

It also allowed him to gain an extensive knowledge of new geographical markets, which will definitely be an asset in his future career. After the Prince Albert Fund project, Benjamin went on to work for Origis in the U.S.A.

The company – Origis Energy

Origis is powering the solar revolution with solar power projects for utility scale solar and commercial solar energy systems. The company is committed to empowering cities, states, countries, utilities, private businesses and public sector organisations to go solar worldwide.

Benjamin was an added value to our team for the Latin America development and investment activities. With his help, his hard work and determination, we were able to significantly increase our business presence.”

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