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Camille Van Damme - Participant 2020-2021

“Because of the unique framework that the Prince Albert Fund offers, you can jump into the wild.”


Camille had the opportunity to analyze and set up the expansion of Libeert on the North American market.


Her mission was threefold: firstly, to conduct an in-depth study of the American chocolate retail market and assist Libeert with the definition of its target market and a long-term strategy for its portfolio. Secondly, to elaborate a 3-year investment plan including product pricing and strategic decisions. Thirdly, to implement the defined route-to-market strategy.

How she benefited

From mastering project management to taking on multi-faceted roles to gain a full understanding of the business and improving project execution, Camille learned to work as a 360° project manager.

“The main challenge was to work on these different aspects, while keeping all plates spinning at the same time”, she says. Working in an ‘unknown’ market for Libeert also proved a real challenge.

The company – Libeert

Libeert is a Belgian family-owned company, manufacturing chocolate products for four generations that are exported to various countries such as the Netherlands, France, United Kingdom and Australia. Libeert also creates private labels for retailers. Today, the company is one of the key players in Belgian chocolate hollow figurines and premium chocolate bars, mainly serving the retail market.

“Camille managed to get the most out of the market research project for Libeert in the US. She was able to precisely map the market and draw up a 3-year business plan. Her presence in the US definitely did make the difference. Despite the restrictions in terms of social contacts, she was able to connect with the right people and develop a network.”

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