If you would like to know what a PAF project is about, take a look at the testimonials of recent candidates. They are classified by region where their assignment took place. Enjoy and be inspired!

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Charlotte Feryn - Participant 2017

I now know how difficult it is to penetrate a market without a network of college alumni and former colleagues to rely on.


Charlotte’s task was to expand the activities of Proceedix by building an active customer base in San Francisco, USA.


At the start of the mission, Charlotte created solid partnerships with consultancies. During the second half of the project, she searched for relevant investors. She also acted as the U.S. sales contact for prospects, providing product information, product demonstrations and drafting quotes. At the same time, she provided implementation support on a few contracted PoC (Proof of Concept) pilots. Ultimately, Proceedix gained a lot of positive news coverage and traction in the manufacturing industry.

How she benefited

Although Charlotte felt that one year is rather short for setting up a new company in a very competitive market and ensuring its success, she learned a lot about business development, completing her all-round profile (high-level strategy definition, day-to-day operations, business development). Moreover, she enjoyed being based in San Francisco, which gave her the opportunity to meet a lot of fellow “PAFers”. “It made me understand first-hand how the Prince Albert Fund can impact your career, creating an opportunity to move abroad for longer than the initial engagement.”

She was also able to set up a sales pipeline that she handed over to the Proceedix commercial team at the end of her project. Ideally, in the future, she hopes to work on a similar mission and help another Belgian company to open up a U.S. office.

The company – Proceedix

Proceedix, a Belgian start-up that was founded in 2014, offers a software solution to digitize work instructions and inspections with the use of one central platform and a set of execution applications running on laptops, tablets, smartphones, wearables or smart glasses. Mobile devices can be used to share information about manufacturing operations with co-workers, even when they are at a great distance.

“Physical presence proved to be essential to inspire U.S. customers to engage with our company. The Prince Albert Fund project gave us the time to build confidence and to plant a business seed in American soil.”

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