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Chiara Adriaenssens - Participant 2021-2022

“I entered this project with the ambition to get ‘on the ground’ experience.”


In Oman, Chiara worked as the Deputy project lead of the Hyport Duqm project, aiming at developing a green hydrogen facility in the Duqm Special Economic Zone.


As sole representative for DEME in Oman, Chiara interacted with DEME’s joint venture partner. Given the unique combination of the power and gas/chemical industries, the Hyport Duqm project gave rise to some unprecedented issues. Chiara took the lead on critical workstreams such as contract management, accountancy and regulatory affairs.

How she benefited

Chiara, who was specifically looking for a mission in the renewable energy sector, had the unique opportunity to work on a greenfield operation and more specifically on green hydrogen thanks to the Prince Albert Fund. She feels this experience allowed her to build her self-confidence and set her boundaries much better than was previously the case.

“I feel that I have learned to rely on my creativity much more when it comes to solving problems. I have also developed a much better idea of what I am capable of”, she says.

The company – DEME Concessions

DEME is a world leader in the highly specialized fields of dredging, land reclamation, marine infrastructure, offshore energy, and environmental remediation. DEME Concessions is the infrastructure developer, investor, and manager within DEME Group, leveraging a unique combination of technical capabilities and expertise on the ground. While the company’s roots are in Belgium, it has built a strong presence across the globe.

“Chiara outperformed the main objective of having DEME representation in Oman and gradually grew into the role of Deputy Project Lead. Her contributions to both strategic and operational workstreams pushed the project forward significantly. Her added value was undisputable.”

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