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Chloé Thevelin - Participant 2017-2018

What is so great about the Prince Albert Fund is that you also join a very dynamic community.


Chloé Thevelin’s goal was to work on the future growth of Neuhaus in Asia, with a focus on Japan and China, by penetrating the market with an adapted strategy.


Chloé’s objective was to help Neuhaus assess the best route to market in the challenging Chinese and Japanese markets. ln Tokyo, she initially focused on two distribution channels: the key department stores (preparing the Japanese Valentine) and the e-commerce activities by developing different online platforms. ln China, she concentrated on e-commerce on China’s leading platform Tmall, for the promotion of the Neuhaus flagship store in Shanghai. She also identified the right social media partner for working on the No. 1 platform in China (WeChat).

How she benefited

Chloé felt that one of the most challenging aspects of the project was the simultaneous confrontation with two completely new cultures and language barriers. ”I have learnt to adopt a chameleon approach and adjust myself to my interlocutor efficiently. On a business perspective, I have developed new technical competencies and skills that will be very valuable for my future career.”

The company – Neuhaus


Neuhaus is a manufacturer of Belgian luxury chocolates, delicious biscuits and artisan ice cream. The company was established in Brussels in 1857 by Jean Neuhaus, who opened his first store in the Galeries St.-Hubert. In 1912, the company launched the chocolate ‘praline’​. Today, Neuhaus is a very popular brand, with over 1,000 points of sales in 40 countries. All Neuhaus delicacies are made in Belgium and exported worldwide.


Chloé had the right attitude for an export mission. She took full ownership of the mission, doing a perfect job, even though she had to enter unknown markets and learn new skills. Ultimately, both projects were a success – the Valentine’s Day commercial event and the launch of our brand on Chinese social media – and she completed the job within the set timelines.”

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