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Christophe Vanhoutte - Participant 2021-2022

“Above all, the project has taught me self-reliance.”


In the context of Unifiedpost’s expansion to South-Asian countries, Christophe’s main mission was to set up a new local office in Singapore.


Christophe focused on the main goal of his project for the Singaporean market i.e. the preparation of the company flagship platform Banqup – a smart solution that combines payments, invoicing and document management in one place. He conducted a thorough market study, prepared the launch of the collaborative platform, and identified prospects to sell Unifiedpost corporate products.

How he benefited

Thanks to the Prince Albert Fund, Christophe learned the importance of personal connections and networking. A few months after his arrival, he was also involved in the due diligence of a potential takeover of einvoice.sg, an online invoicing company in Singapore. “I completed the closing together with the Chief Legal Officer,” Christophe explains. Thanks to the acquisition, Unified Group is now the leading Access Point for electronic invoicing in Singapore with over 5,500 customers.

The company – Unifiedpost Group (UPG)

Founded in 2001, Unifiedpost Group is a Belgian listed FinTech company with worldwide operations and offices in 32 countries. The company operates a 100% cloud-based platform for administrative and financial services that allows connections between Unifiedpost customers, their suppliers and other parties along the value chain. The company wishes to become the leading cloud-based platform for SME business services built on Documents, Identity and Payments.

The mission was twofold: UPG wanted to test the waters in Singapore for the Banqup platform, prepare the product launch, and start building a local partner distribution network. We were impressed by Christophe’s can-do attitude and his ability to build a network from scratch.”

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