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Emilie Bataille de Longprey - Participant 2020-2021

“Thanks to my Prince Albert Fund project, I have all the tools I need to start my own business.”


Emilie was involved in a project for Renson, which mainly consisted of developing a local US marketing plan for the company.


In addition to developing a marketing approach, Emilie was in charge of related activities to raise brand awareness among the company’s main targets, i.e., architects and high-end homeowners in the USA and Canada.

All these efforts were geared towards increasing the number of quality leads, which would then be followed up by the sales team. The number of leads collected in the USA increased by +289% in 2020 compared to 2019, thanks to her efforts.

How she benefited

According to Emilie, one of the first things she learned to do and that she has since gotten better at is goalsetting. “Listening is another skill I’ve put in practice throughout my project”, she adds. She also improved her relationship building skills, more specifically in order to meet the local suppliers according to local requirements and standards.

The company – Renson

‘Creating Healthy Spaces’ is the mission of Renson. Since 1909, this Belgian family business creates a comfortable and healthy living and working environment with sophisticated ventilation, sun protection and outdoor solutions. Focusing more and more on its own research and innovation, Renson became internationally renowned and rapidly growing as a knowledgeable company.

“Emilie’s local and attentive analysis made us switch to a more American mindset and approach. It taught us that we had to be more American to become successful in the US market, to meet our Belgian expectations.”

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