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Eva Willemen - Participant 2017

I learned that my main source of motivation was constant learning and working with inspiring people.


Eva’s mission in Brazil focused on setting up a sales office in the city of São Paulo as a base to  ensure the strong presence of De Halve Maan in the Brazilian beer market.


The Bruges-based brewery, which is pursuing a strategy of international expansion, decided to open a sales office in Brazil, after China and Mexico. ln the first phase of the project, Eva assessed the possibility of creating a joint venture with an existing Brazilian import partner. She developed possible schemes for such a partnership and proposed a double structure – creating a Brazilian holding and a daughter company in São Paulo. She also elaborated a detailed financial plan, outlining all the aspects of the import and sales process, including all applicable taxes to have a clear idea of the required working capital.

“I found this a very interesting part of my job as I got to delve deeper into the cost structure of a start-up company, obtaining a comprehensive overview of the complicated tax structure in Brazil.”

This plan served as a backbone for investment decisions as well as offering different profit scenarios simulations.

How she benefited

Eva was very inspired by Brazilians’ entrepreneurial spirit. “Trading is in the country’s DNA, and the young generation has completely embraced the start-up lifestyle.” At the same time, she also learnt how to deal with challenges that are specific to Brazil – extensive administration, (a lack of) safety, huge distances – as well as creative solutions such as mobile applications or services. Eva is convinced this country is a great environment to learn and trigger people to embark on their own entrepreneurial adventure.

The company – De Halve Maan

The family-run brewery De Halve Maan is located on the Waggelwater industrial estate
in Bruges. Continuing investments in capacity and quality have contributed to the success of the company’s beer products. The family has strived to achieve outstanding quality
for six successive generations. Today its brand is exported to over 20 countries on three different continents.

“Ultimately, all the start-up’s objectives were achieved and that is the most important outcome of the project for De Halve Maan.”

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