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Floriane Uyttenhove - Participant 2013-2015

I have now the confirmation that the “heavy industry” and especially Mining / Minerals is a sector that really interests me.


In Malaysia, Floriane Uyttenhove was tasked with full Business development missions for Lhoist, a leading supplier of lime (calcined limestone).


Floriane was tasked with business development in the AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) market in Asia and asked to analyse its potential for Lhoist. This involved investigating the market segment, conducting a customer and competitor analysis, understanding the region, carrying out in-depth strategic market studies, studying logistics, conducting a cost to serve analysis, and so on.

Floriane also worked on a market study on agriculture in view of a potential acquisition that could offer good perspectives for carbonates sales (pure limestone).

How she benefited

In her host country Malaysia, Floriane constantly had to deal with the different cultural sensitivities of the three major communities that are represented in Kuala Lumpur: Malays, the Chinese and Indians. “Being confronted on a daily basis with a different culture, environment and mindset, learning the local language… It was all a very energising experience”, she says. She also received geology training from her Prince Albert Fund company as part of her introductory work placement in the industry. “I had the opportunity to work with A-level people. This allowed me to learn a lot from truly smart and inspiring people.”

The company – Lhoist

Established in Belgium since 1889, the Lhoist Group offers a wide range of mineral, calcic lime and dolomitic lime-based products. It brings expertise in a broad range of sectors such as the steel industry, refractories, the environment, construction and civil engineering, agriculture, glass and chemistry.

Today, Lhoist employs 765 people in Belgium.

“During her Prince Albert Fund experience, Floriane undertook a number of project-based assignments to support the development of Lhoist’s business in Asia. Her tasks included evaluating our target markets, defining key factors that affect market development and establishing the potential options available to our company.”

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