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Gauthier Verhaegen - Participant 2020-2021

“This year has taught me to reassess objectives, keep my spirits high, and continue to aim for my goals in times of uncertainty.”


At Savics, Gauthier worked as a Business Developer for the South-East Asian region.


Gauthier’s activities included establishing interactions with major stakeholders in the healthcare sector by triggering interest for the company’s products. He also maintained solid relationships with different clients, in addition to collecting market feedback to enhance the products features and market strategy. Next to his business development role, he also worked as Product Owner for a digital solution – MediScout – a mobile data collection tool.

How he benefited

After years of experience working within large corporations, this Prince Albert Fund experience greatly broadened Gauthier’s business skills, allowing him to work in the fast-paced and dynamic environment of a smaller organization.

His mission has increased his understanding of the fundamentals involved with operating a company. On a personal level, it has enhanced his social skills, fueled his entrepreneurial spirit and “given me the chance to encounter and learn more about new cultures, increasing my resilience and adaptation skills tenfold”, he explained.

The company – Savics

Savics is a social IT startup founded in Brussels in 2016. The company works closely with Ministries of Health, donors, international development partners, NGOs and civil society organizations worldwide to jointly develop digital solutions adapted to different environments. It collects, transports, and analyzes medical data from hospitals, labs, and health centers, making them available to Ministries of Health across 19 low and middle-income countries in Africa and South-East Asia.

“Gauthier has demonstrated that he has all the required skills to listen to customers, define product features, drive the development team and lastly to test, measure and act as a champion to promote the MediScout product. He more than fulfilled our expectations!”

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