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Hans Vander Velpen - Participant 2016

During my project, I learned how to manage and chase a business opportunity on every level.


Hans Vander Velpen developed the corporate governance and reporting of the Korys investment company, focusing on a member of its portfolio in the renewable energy sector, called Voltalia, which has a branch in Brazil.


Part of Hans’s mission was to demonstrate that Korys maintains close ties as an investor with the companies that are part of its investment strategy. In this case, the company in question was the renewable energy/electricity producer Voltalia. He started by working out procedures and benchmarks for the company’s reporting on health, safety, corporate governance and environment.

Afterwards, he became more involved in a business development project, helping Voltalia to prepare an offer for a major state energy system bidding procedure. “This was a huge challenge as we had to take into account all the aspects of a public bidding procedure, which forced us to become very efficient and resourceful. I also had to learn more about the renewable energy market and understand its technicalities.”

How he benefited

The Prince Albert Fund experience has enabled Hans to move from theoretical strategy models to a more profound understanding of the market. But more importantly, after this project he is aware of the ins and outs and the complexity of starting up a new business or opening a branch
 of an existing business in a new country, more specifically in Brazil.

“It not only opened the door to renewable energy for me, but it was also my way into an investment company like Korys. I like the idea of working in the venture capital sector as a long-term career opportunity, where industry specific experience is always an asset.”

The company – Korys

Korys is the investment organization of the Colruyt family, who has been active in the retail sector for over 50 years. The company creates sustainable value through its investments, focusing on sectors such as consumer & retail, life sciences and renewable energy/ cleantech. Currently Korys has a diversified portfolio of listed stocks and bonds, private equity funds, and direct investments in small and medium-sized companies.

“Hans’s initial assignment brought more professionalism and transparency with regards to Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), which, for Korys, is a crucial requirement as part of its involvement as an investment company.”

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