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Henriette De Robiano - Participant 2021-2022

“Believe in your project, because if you don’t, no one will. Be your own greatest supporter!”


Henriette worked on the expansion of Renson Ventilation business unit in the US, focusing on the active launch of mechanical ventilation indoor products.


She started by conducting some thorough market research over a two-month period, after which she focused on identifying new opportunities for Renson’s quality ventilation products in the US market. She thus prepared the recommended products for export, including checking the production line, the marketing, the certifications, and the testing in addition to developing a route to market strategy.

How she benefited

Henriette developed her management skills as well as her technical background, enabling her to consider taking on a managerial role on future projects. She also learned the importance of perseverance and persuasion to make a business work, especially when there are several layers of people involved, from testing to export and manufacturing. “Ultimately, I’ve learned to move forward in many directions and to always be one step ahead”, she concludes.

The company – Renson

Since 1909, Renson has dedicated itself to creating a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

The Belgium family business produces sophisticated ventilation, sun protection, and outdoor solutions for use in homes, offices, schools, and institutions, such as care institutions. Its business unit ventilation offers high-quality solutions for optimal air quality.

Renson, which is increasingly focused on its own research and innovation, has since become an internationally renowned, fast-growing knowledgeable company that is constantly one step ahead of the game.

Henriette’s added value consisted in her extensive market research insights about the US market, the optimal route to market, and about our ventilation product portfolio in general, including our new product line for America. Her work opened up a completely new business opportunity for the Renson Ventilation unit.

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