Since the creation of the Fund, more than 450 talented young professionals and over 250 international companies have benefited from their association with the Prince Albert Fund.  Find out how the Fund has contributed to their personal career development and international business expansion, as they share with us their experiences below.

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Jasmien Coolen - Participant 2017-2018

"One of my main goals when I embarked on the Prince Albert Fund adventure was to enter a fast-evolving industry such as energy technology and gain an i"



Jasmien Coolen’s mission was to act as the “bridge” between EnergyVision’s offices in China and in Belgium. She was also tasked with professionalising and structuring the company’s Chinese office in Tianjin.


As China is a very promising country for solar photovoltaic projects, one of EnergyVision’s goals was to install a significant number of solar panels in 2018. But Jasmien faced quite a few challenges, even in this high-potential market, before she was able to fulfil these objectives in an efficient and profitable way. She started by analysing the current situation and its weaknesses, then drafted new processes. “A substantial part of my project consisted of assisting and motivating the local employees and helping them to understand the new project set-up and work according to the new processes”. The second part of her project consisted of business development and strengthening relations with European partners.

How she benefited

Jasmien learned how to manage and motivate a team, how to push people and inspire them to give their best, in order to work towards a common goal. She feels there is a clear “before and after” Prince Albert Fund, especially in the context of EnergyVision’s Tianjin office: she was able to provide the “foundation” for its future sustainable growth.

The company – EnergyVision


EnergyVision offers complete energy solutions and implements energy projects around the world. The company’s head office is in Ghent (Belgium), and it also has offices in Casablanca, Khouribga (Morocco) and Tianjin (China).


Jasmien’s presence in the EnergyVision Tianjin office was very important to professionalize the Chinese office in line with the company strategy of EnergyVision Belgium. Thanks to her, we achieved a significant improvement in terms of local turnover, number of projects realized and gross margin.”

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