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Jens Verhiest - Participant 2017

My experience is a great asset on my résumé, especially as I am interested in working in innovation and entrepreneurship.


The primary objective of Jens’s Prince Albert Fund mission was to enter the American market with LuckyCycle’s gamification product.


LuckyCycle was primarily interested in an indirect sales model, i.e., finding the right partnerships in the marketing and payments industry that could bring the product to market. To tackle this, Jens started by creating a list of “target” partners. After evaluating whether a potential partner’s business could benefit from LuckyCycle’s innovative product, the company decided to promote a SaaS product (Software as a Service). Jens immersed himself in the product communities
in San Francisco and started to prepare the next development wave of LuckyCycle. He met with several different experts in the fields of design, machine learning and web start-ups, who shared their advice and experience in building a SaaS product.

How he benefited

The Prince Albert Fund project with LuckyCycle in San Francisco was a game changer in Jens’s professional career. “I had tackled many challenges in my previous job as a consultant but I found this project was even more challenging, as you’re confronted with people who are among the absolute top in their field.”

Besides business development, Jens was also introduced to the Silicon Valley way of developing a start-up into a big successful company. By participating in the many different communities 
he learned from the best in the industry: how to pitch, how to raise money, how to scale, how
to close deals, how to build your product… Various dimensions he’ll continue to apply in his professional career.

The company – LuckyCycle

LuckyCycle is a patented sales promotion tool enabling online shops to organize gamified promotions for their customers. It allows them to offer free purchases to their customers in accordance with pre-set parameters.

“Jens rapidly and proactively took over the role of Marketing Manager within LuckyCycle. This really was a weakness within our company, as we didn’t have anybody who was in charge of clearly defining and presenting our offer to the clients. Jens really has a knack for that, and he helped us make a lot of progress in that area.”

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