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Jente Broeckx - Participant 2020-2021

“My PAF experience was a giant stepping stone in my career. I could not have wished for a better transition from academics to business.”


The main purpose of Jente’s project was to examine the potential of VITO’s solutions on the Indian market in view of extending and establishing the organization’s presence across the country.


Given VITO’s focus on promoting the transition to sustainability, Jente identified and assessed local partners for potential collaboration in the relevant domains of urban development, air and water quality, climate impact and energy. He then engaged with local authorities and decision makers in governmental departments and in industry to initiate activities. This gave the company further insight in the relevance of its tools and technology for India.

How he benefited

This Prince Albert Fund mission has taught Jente to think in a much more solution-oriented manner, placing emphasis on the end result and the benefits for a city and the local population.

Working in the field, on his own, gave him invaluable hands-on business experience: setting the Indian agenda, launching new ideas, bringing theoretical solutions from Belgium to practical reality in India, … “I believe the experience here has armed me for working in other more challenging environments and emerging economies,” he concludes.

The company – VITO

VITO is an independent Flemish research organization in the area of cleantech and sustainable development. It accelerates the transition to a sustainable world with innovative technological solutions, interdisciplinary research and large-scale pilot installations. Among its goals are the reduction of the consumption of fossil-based feedstocks and energy, the stimulation of the sustainable use of space and water, with links to health, agriculture and more.

“Because Jente was based in Bangalore and on our partners’ premises, we were able to learn much much more about the way companies are doing business in India and identify potential synergies.”

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