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Joanna Dewaele - Participant 2018-2019

“This experience definitely broadened my professional outlook and gave me a better insight into the jobs that I might seek in the future.”


Joanna’s project was to ‘grow the LVD business’ in India by reinforcing the existing team and local operations. The objective was to come up with a 5 year road plan and a strong local team to support it.


Reinforcing the leadership and strengthening LVD’s brand image in the Indian market meant being in charge of general management, marketing, some HR aspects, market research, system implementation and training. One of Joanna’s main challenges was to build trust within the team and ensure everyone understood their respective responsibilities and tasks. Another big challenge was the implementation of the service platform and CRM system.

How she benefited

Joanna’s Prince Albert Fund year resulted in a dual outcome of her project: a measurable 5-year roadmap and a loyal LVD India team that was ready for the future. The result is a stronger team and a more professional organization with more efficient operations.

Joanna feels that she’d be able to manage an international team in the future, while coping with diversity and bringing collaborators to a higher level of competence, and as such add value to businesses.

The company – LVD

LVD, which was established in the 1950s, gained recognition as a precision press brake manufacturer. Significant growth in the 1990s and the addition of laser cutting products to its portfolio helped position the company as a leader in laser, punching and bending technology. Today, the company has five manufacturing facilities and is active in more
than 45 countries.

“Joanna was a key player, helping the Indian subsidiary to rebuild confidence in itself and
in the Belgian parent company. The way she handled the different objectives showed clearly that she can work on a detailed level while always keeping an eye on the bigger picture and the added value for the business.”

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