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Jonathan Lambregs - Participant 2017-2018

This hands-on experience was the best training I could have ever imagined to strengthen some of my talents.


Jonathan Lambregs was asked to expand Tiger Power’s presence on the renewable energy market in Uganda and East-Africa.


Tiger Power wanted to expand its business activities to the East African market, by focusing mainly on the development of solar mini-grids in Uganda. The priority was to sign a commercial agreement with the Rural Electrification Agency of Uganda (REA), which was “by far the biggest challenge”. “At every step along the way, additional requirements surfaced. The only way to overcome these obstacles was patience and persistence”, explains Jonathan. He was also tasked with targeting different market segments, of which the mini-grid sector and the telecom sector were the most important.

How he benefited

On the professional level, this Prince Albert Fund project taught Jonathan to focus on the target objective, especially working in a location with a different ‘business reality’. Moreover, this experience has significantly contributed to his strategic planning skills. Jonathan succeeded in building a supportive network for Tiger Power to grow its business in East Africa. As a result, the company was shortlisted for an international tender to develop, finance, build and operate 25 mini-grids in Northern Uganda.

The company – Tiger Power


Tiger Power is an innovative Belgian start-up company that offers a cost-competitive, zero-emission, plug-&-play, 24/7 autonomous, transportable renewable energy solution. It combines renewable energy production with an innovative energy storage concept based on battery technology and a hydrogen-cycle.


We especially appreciated Jonathan’s perseverance and passion, his ability to take responsibility, his presentation, communication and networking skills, his constructive cooperation, his out-of-the-box and creative mind-set, his amicable character and analytical and verbal skills, and most of all, his desire to continuously develop and learn.

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