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Julie Daled - Participant 2016

The project allowed me to improve my business development skills and inspired me to pursue a career at the intersection of technology and creativity.


Julie Daled’s assignment was to develop business opportunities in the U.S. for neoScores, the digital sheet music company that is taking the music industry into the digital age.


Conquering the American market was crucial for neoScores, the “itunes of sheet music”, which offers a digital alternative to paper sheet music. Most of the major sheet music publishers have their headquarters in the U.S. which is their biggest market.

Julie’s mission consisted in helping the company to become a leading player in a sector where everything still had to be developed. She started by gathering the available data on the sheet music industry, then created a map of the main stakeholders and finally established a marketing plan for the potential opening of a branch in the U.S. “I focused my energy on onboarding new publishers and developing a strong relationship with them in order to successfully implement the signed contracts.”

How she benefited

Julie was mainly attracted to the innovative nature of neoScores’s business. Working for a start-up means you need to be creative with the available resources and work independently. In that sense, her Prince Albert Fund project was an invaluable experience. “The hands-on business challenge of developing a business in the U.S. has been priceless for me.”

What’s even more impressive is that Julie managed to deliver results within just one year given the size of this market. This project allowed her to improve her business skills and inspired her to continue working with neoScores.

The company – neoScores

neoScores was founded in 2013, in Antwerp, by a group of musicians who share a profound love for music and are dedicated to making life easier for musicians so they can play, practice and perform music using digital and interactive sheet music. In 2014, the company won the Foxconn Prize at the Startup Nations Summit and successfully demonstrated

a proof of concept with Samsung and the Brussels Philharmonic. neoScores was also awarded a Seal of Excellence by Horizon 2020, the EU framework for Research and Innovation 2014–2020.

“Julie managed to build up an impressive American network in what is essentially a very closed industry, which was the primary goal before opening an American office.”

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