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Julien Haumont - Participant 2021-2022

“I learned how to implement solutions on the work floor faster and with more impact.”


Julien worked as an industrial project manager for the packaging company Compagnie industrielle des Fibres (‘CIF’), for its Senegalese branch in Dakar. The ultimate goal was to streamline industrial processes in order to decrease production costs.


Julien helped the enterprise optimize its production processes and identify efficiencies. The goal was to improve production while working on smaller projects for the sales, HR and finance departments. He conducted an in-depth analysis on the opportunities for improvement of the Senegalese plant. This gave rise to a project that focused on the digitalization of CIF’s production and quality reporting. He was also asked to identify ways to improve the weaving department’s performance.

How he benefited

During his Prince Albert Fund year, Julien developed his professional skills. “Thanks to this project, I was able to further develop my knowledge about how to improve manufacturing processes”, he explains. The project gave him a comprehensive idea of how an industrial company operates and further prepared him for other leading roles in the future. Living in Senegal also helped him to understand the challenges that people in Western Africa face.

The company – Compagnie industrielle des Fibres Sénégal (CIFS)

Compagnie industrielle des Fibres Sénégal (CIFS) is part of a Semoulin Packaging, a Belgian holding in the packaging industry. CIF, founded in 2015 in Dakar (Senegal), is a leading company specializing in the manufacture of woven polypropylene bags, agricultural twine and rope. It offers a full range of bag products: woven polypropylene (PP), laminated woven PP, kraft paper … to meet all packaging needs.

All the objectives were reached with success. Julien was able to accelerate the implementation of several industrial projects thanks to his dynamism, his involvement and professionalism.”   

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