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Kaat De Sutter - Participant 2014-2016

“This project transformed me into a full project manager. I became more pro-active, more creative and flexible.”


Kaat De Sutter was tasked with strategic analysis and commercial implementation in the Asia Pacific region for The Cookware Company, an SME selling innovative cookware.


Working in the Asia-Pacific office in Hong Kong, Kaat developed a full analysis of the markets and competitors, in order to implement the Cookware Company brand in Australia/New-Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. She did the groundwork for building a cooperation with the new target clients.

An important part of her job consisted of ensuring that new retailers would accept to list the brand in the targeted markets. Kaat also had to launch a major marketing campaign to sustain the brand image and accentuate its environmental-friendly benefits.

How she benefited

At the start of the project, Kaat took a business trip to the company’s destination markets, meeting with local distributors and new clients. This was a very positive and intensive experience enabling her to learn a great deal about the company’s strategy. Her Prince Albert Fund project definitely provided her with an international angle, which a lot of her professional peers do not get to have this early in their career. Working for an SME, with a start-up culture, also allowed her to work independently. “I needed to be a business developer, account manager, marketer and logistics manager all at the same time. I now have a good idea of the entire business supply chain, from production to point-of-sale, whereas previously, during my career, I was only involved in the sales & marketing end phase of consumer goods.”

The company – The Cookware Company – GreenPan

The Cookware Company is a global cookware manufacturer with a global brand presence. The company launched its original brand, GreenPan, in Belgium in 2007, making it the first manufacturer to introduce PTFE-free non-stick cookware onto the market. Nowadays the brand can be found in over 90 countries worldwide. The Cookware Company continues to be known as the house of innovation!

“Our company absolutely appreciated the drive, enthusiasm and passion Kaat put in the project and in business development in the Asia Pacific region. Her output at the end of her 12-month project was substantial.”

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