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Koen Vandepaer - Participant 2017-2018

This mission has been an eye-opener, in that it gave me a good insight in a number of new professions and gave me a much better idea of the job I want


Koen Vandepaer’s mission consisted of providing assistance for the “launch” of Beeple, an all in one application for staff management, in the United States.


The two main objectives were to set up a legal entity and manage it, called Beeple US, as well as to create success stories among US clients. Koen’s tasks included following up on sales opportunities for the app, directly or through the network and existing clients of the employment agency Adecco (a shareholder in Beeple). “My job was to sell the application by building business cases, implementing the software in the existing delivery model, following up with customers and validating the business/use case”, he explains.

How he benefited

Koen learned to work very independently while maintaining continuous online communications with his colleagues. “On a professional level, learning to work in a remote team was a big change for me”, he admits. The Prince Albert Fund project gave Koen the opportunity to prove himself in a more commercial and operational role. It also offered him a chance to drastically improve his soft skills. Ultimately, he achieved success stories by closing sales transactions with satisfied final customers.

The company – Beeple


Beeple is the market leader in online staff management. It has developed an online tool to manage temporary and flexible employees. With more than 530 features, this application is the most complete circle of staff management on the market.


Koen never lost sight of the company’s primary objectives. He was always professional, accurate and transparent. Thanks to his business development skills, Beeple learned how to improve its product for US-based customers.”

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