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Lauranne Snick - Participant 2020-2021

“Thanks to my PAF project, I could transition from a career in law to one in business through a year of hands-on experience.”


Lauranne’s mission was to assist Gilen with the diversification of its real estate assets portfolio in the US through an international investment vehicle.


Lauranne helped to develop the company’s investment track record in the United States by identifying potential acquisitions and investments and attracting institutional and high net worth partners in Belgium. She also acted as a Project Manager for the ongoing residential developments coordinated by Gilen in New York and New Orleans.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the company decided to redefine Lauranne’s mission and redirect its focus on Belgium. She then worked as an Investment Manager for Canius, a Belgian real estate fund, which is currently applying for recognition as a professional fund manager under the FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority).

How she benefited

“Personally, I have grown a lot thanks to this experience”, she says. This mission gave Lauranne the opportunity to develop as a leader, by taking initiatives and translating her knowledge and experience into concrete strategies. Lauranne also gained a valuable insight into the complexities of a development project, including their financial and commercial impact.

The company – Gilen Immobiliën

Gilen Immobiliën is a Belgian real estate developer, general contractor, and investor in residential real estate. The company was established 50 years ago, specializing in residential single- and multi-family real estate development projects in the Belgian province of Limburg for the most part, developing 75-100 units each year.

“We enjoyed having Lauranne on board and appreciated her structured, competent and thoughtful execution of a wide variety of responsibilities on a daily basis. Covid demanded a lot from Lauranne, personally and professionally, and she definitely was up to the task.”

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