If you would like to know what a PAF project is about, take a look at the testimonials of recent candidates. They are classified by region where their assignment took place. Enjoy and be inspired!

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Liliya Pautova - Participant 2018-2019

“Having the opportunity to discover a new and exciting industry, which will define and is part of our future, was a real plus.”


Liliya’s main task was to assist the management of Proceedix with sales and marketing activities in their New York office. During a second phase, she was responsible for prospection and sales out of their San Francisco operations.


Liliya was in charge of business development, account management, sales, marketing, etc., in fact setting up the whole business side of a SaaS (Software as a Service) scale-up. In addition to this, she was also expected to support the entire value chain, which included developing a sales strategy and supporting customer delivery and success as well as relationships. Travelling to meet with potential customers was also a big part of her Prince Albert Fund assignment.

How she benefited

Liliya’s Prince Albert Fund experience was a success. Thanks to her efforts, Proceedix gained high-impact customers in the USA. She also helped the start-up build a structure for sales and growth.

“Because of my Prince Albert Fund project, I discovered how important it is to finish on a positive note. Rather than focus on challenges or problems, you need to think of them as a learning opportunity and develop a problem-solving attitude”, she says.

The company – Proceedix

Proceedix, which was established in 2014, is a Software as a Service-based (SaaS) platform for managing business procedures, work instructions and checklists, while making the remote execution paperless and mobile. With offices in New York, San Francisco and Ghent, the company helps Fortune 500 companies empower deskless workers around the globe.

“By sending Liliya to our local office in the United States, we were able to scout the potential for the Proceedix SaaS platform in one of the biggest markets outside Belgium, during an early phase of our existence and with a limited budget. This was key for us to expand in the US.”

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