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Lisa Dewulf - Participant 2017-2018

I guess this experience was the best MBA I could imagine!


Lisa Dewulf’s main task was to support the setup of a pilot project for Greenyard Fresh in India, with the perspective of building a full-fledged distribution center in the near future.


Lisa had the opportunity to focus extensively on the analysis of the export potential together with the four different business units of Greenyard. The most intensive project she worked on was the setup of a supply chain for fresh ginger from North-East lndia. “As we were the first to bite the bullet and as North-East lndia is an underdeveloped market, a lot of ground work was required to make this project happen”.

How she benefited

As the mission took shape, Lisa found herself analyzing Mergers & Acquisitions opportunities, developing a data analysis tool to predict the imported fruit market, designing customized solutions for customers, preparing board meetings and coaching team members on sales and marketing all at once… “Even though I only had limited experience in these fields”. The volatile market, the many stakeholders and the possibility to help develop the farmers’ business makes this a very exciting experience for her.

The company – Greenyard Fresh


Greenyard is one of the world’s largest suppliers of fruit and vegetables. The group offers healthy food products – fresh, frozen or prepared – for any lifestyle, age group or consumption. It has operations worldwide and serves a global customer base, which includes most of the leading retailers in Europe. The group has more than 8,000 employees in 25 countries worldwide.

Greenyard Fresh, one of its divisions, is a global market leader in fresh and prepared fruit and vegetables and growing media.


Lisa’s initial objectives changed during the project time span as some of the priorities changed. Along the way she clearly identified areas where she could help to develop the organization and opportunities that could benefit our company in terms of exports. We highly valued Lisa’s no-nonsense entrepreneurial approach.

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