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Livia Keseman - Participant 2020-2021

“Thanks to the Prince Albert Fund, I was able to make the shift to the startup world.”


Livia started working in Business Development at Byteflies, a young MedTech startup, in the North American region. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, she moved to Twentyeight Health, where she was tasked with deploying the company’s activities in new strategic US States.


One of Livia’s main responsibilities was to expand the business geographically to offer the Twentyeight Health solutions to an increased number of underserved women, the company’s core target. She defined the States that the company should expand to and oversaw the market entry.

She also developed a new partnership with a pharmacy which accelerated the expansion. A last task was to establish the next reproductive and sexual health products that Twentyeight Health should bring to the market.

How she benefited

“Twentyeight Health has a culture of feedback which pushed me to become a better version of myself every week”, she recalls. During her Prince Albert Fund experience, Livia learned how to optimize her time and how to take strategic decisions. “All of these experiences made me stronger and turned me into a better entrepreneur”, she says. She also realized that being able to have a direct influence on the lives of underserved women is where she feels in her element.

The company – Twentyeight Health

Twentyeight Health is a mission-driven women’s health organization with the goal of increasing access to reproductive and sexual healthcare for underserved women through convenient, affordable, and high-quality care.

The company employs teams of doctors, public health experts, designers, engineers, and builders committed to changing the face of healthcare.

“Livia achieved ambitious goals with a high level of success, thoughtfulness and hard work. She enabled Twentyeight to be active in 21 states by early 2021, expanding our coverage of women in reproductive age from 20% to 73%, helping to serve millions more women in the long run.”

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