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Lore Dirick - Participant 2016

I built an extremely valuable network in the fast-growing and booming data science industry.


Lore Dirick’s role was to build a network of prospects for course creation and guide them through the course creation process for DataCamp, the online learning platform for data science.


Lore built a large network throughout the United States, consisting of top influencers in the R and Python community (programming languages) which are based in large cities such as Chicago, Boston and Seattle. “This was quite a challenge, as I had very few contacts in the United States before moving there for the Prince Albert Fund project.”

Her project mainly focused on building a quantitative finance program for DataCamp, deciding which courses should be created within this framework. She single-handedly developed this network in the quantitative finance community and managed to get some of the best instructors in the world to be excited about teaching a course on DataCamp. The company now has multiple large financial institutions as clients.

How she benefited

Before moving to the United States, Lore was doing a PhD at the University of Leuven in Belgium, so she already had work experience in an academic context, but not in a business context. Her Prince Albert Fund experience facilitated a double transition: on the one hand, she moved to a country with a very different culture but she also switched from academia to the business world.

On top of that, she had the chance to work for a start-up company with an exponential development, growing from 290,000 users on its platform in February 2016 to 800,000 in early 2017! After her assignment, Lore stayed on at DataCamp.

The company – DataCamp

DataCamp is the leader in Data Science Education, offering skill-based training, pioneering technical innovation, and courses by some of the world’s best educators. From its two main offices in Belgium and the U.S., it develops courses in-house and through partnerships with expert companies (Microsoft, Pluralsight, RStudio) and professors from some of the leading academic institutions (Harvard University, Princeton, etc.) to create content.

“Lore combines an in-depth technical knowledge on quantitative finance with the educational skill set to explain complex matters in an understandable and engaging way. Thanks to her skills, DataCamp now has multiple quantitative finance courses on its platform that have been taken by over 30,000 students worldwide.”

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