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Louis Hoet - Participant 2014-2016

“I have come across people and situations that I feel have made me a better person.”


DEME Concessions, a subsidiary of DEME Group invests in several offshore wind projects worldwide. During his project, Louis Hoet assisted the company, which hoped to develop a strategic partnership with an investor willing to acquire a stake in existing projects and/or co-develop new projects. 


Louis defined a suitable partner profile and established contacts with shortlisted industrial and financial investors. His focus area was the greater Asian region, where he hoped to find a partner that could also grant the DEME Group access to growing market opportunities for offshore wind in Asia.

Even if attracting foreign Asian investors for a large-scale European infrastructure program does come with its set of challenges (a complex business environment and political landscape …), some promising leads were established and will continue to be developed. The DEME Group recently announced that it concluded a cooperation agreement with a Chinese partner for the development of offshore wind farms in China.

How he benefited

For Louis, being part of DEME’s pioneering culture was a truly inspiring experience. Belonging to a group that encourages innovation and incites its employees to think about and develop new business ideas and opportunities was quite motivational. During his mission, he was invited to a huge conference on the concept of innovation, an event with 200 young DEME employees and the senior management team.

“I want to take what I learned during this Prince Albert Fund project with me and use it in all my future challenges”, Louis explains. “But above all, I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute to the future of the DEME Group.”

The company – DEME Concessions

DEME Concessions is the investment vehicle of DEME, a Belgian dredging and hydraulic engineering Group that has carved out a prominent position for itself on the world market in a number of highly specialized and complex hydraulic disciplines. The group has created a network of branch offices and agencies on all continents. Today, the company has operations in over 90 different countries.

“Louis did an excellent job reporting on his developments and always presented a clear proposal for moving forward, steps taken and results. He swiftly adapted to the DEME culture and was appreciated by his co-workers, on the professional and personal level.”

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