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Louis-Philippe Lammertyn - Participant 2017

Moving from a consulting project manager position to managing the tasks of a “mini-enterprise” was a very interesting learning experience.


Louis-Philippe helped the Columbian office of Hinicio, a strategy consulting firm specializing in sustainable energy, to meet its corporate objectives in terms of commercial buy-in, market positioning, team set-up, implementation of internal operational processes and financial performance.


After installing efficient working processes and a local team, Louis-Philippe was able to work on projects with a huge local impact in the renewable energy sector in South America. He was involved in the establishment of a roadmap for the Peruvian ministry of energy, advising on how to achieve electro-mobility in air polluted cities. He also participated in a business analysis to define how hydrogen storage created by solar energy could help small Caribbean islands have fully renewable energy resources.

Thanks to these activities, Hinicio gained a lot of brand recognition, resulting in profitable LATAM operations.

How he benefited

“After one year, all of Hinicio knew that the Bogota office was a fun and dynamic place to work,” Louis-Philippe says with a smile. At the same time, working in Columbia proved quite 
a challenge on the mental level, as Louis-Philippe moved from a highly structured and efficient environment in Europe to a slower working environment, less result oriented and prone to surprises.

This Prince Albert Fund experience definitely helped Louis-Philippe evolve towards a more holistic management approach, to operate a niche strategy consulting business. Louis-Philippe decided to stay with the company, to further contribute to the success of the Latin American business.
 He is considering taking up a similar role in the European business in the future.

The company – Hinicio

Hinicio is a strategy consulting firm specializing in sustainable energy and transport. The company supports public (international, national, regional or local institutions) and private (large corporate accounts and innovative startups) clients as well as “cleantech” investors in its areas of expertise, which include renewable energy, energy storage, energy efficiency and sustainable transport.

“Through his active involvement, Louis-Philippe was able to make a strong contribution to our corporate objectives. He helped us achieve specific business development successes to feed-in corporate growth in Colombia and Latin America. In this respect Hinicio is now much better positioned in Colombia!”

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