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Matthieu Colle - Participant 2020-2021

“I have developed a better understanding of international trade and learned to research markets and set up a business plan.”


Matthieu’s main objective was to identify the future growth strategy of Renson Australia by analyzing the potential for local production, mergers or partnerships.


In order to define Renson’s market strategy, several important questions had to be answered first. Matthieu therefore conducted a market research project covering market volumes, competition, market structure, distribution channels, value chain, pricing policies and potential partners.

He also interviewed several people in the solar shading and outdoor industry, ranging from business executives, members of industry associations, architects, retailers and consumers. This clarified many topics for the senior management team in Belgium.

How he benefited

Matthieu gained extensive knowledge on the Australian solar shading and outdoor industry. This, along with his online market research, has helped him understand the route to market strategy to implement for the company’s products and develop a subsequent strategic plan for its expansion in Australia. “I developed my hard skills through analytical analyses”, he explains.

The company – Renson

Renson’s mission is ‘Creating Healthy Spaces’. Since 1909, this Belgian family business has created a comfortable and healthy living and working environment with sophisticated ventilation, sun protection and outdoor solutions. Increasingly focused on its own research and innovation, Renson has since become internationally renowned and a fast-growing company.

“Matthieu added value to our sales and marketing operations in Australia because his research into the local zip screen market helped us better understand the potential for this product range. We have now a better view on where we want to focus our sales and marketing efforts.”

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