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Morgane Stok - Participant 2020-2021

“I have gained new skills such as agile project management and scrum methodology in a completely new line of business.”


Morgane worked as a program manager and product owner for DataToCare, a flagship product of Savics, aiming at collecting and disseminating diagnostic data digitally.


Morgane’s position enabled her to lead the implementation of DataToCare, in several countries in Africa and South-East Asia, from contract negotiation to stakeholder relationship management and customer satisfaction evaluation.

She was also in charge of developing a long-term perspective and strategy for the product.

How she benefited

This Prince Albert Fund experience boosted Morgane’s self-confidence, enabling her to make decisions and engage with important stakeholders such as Ministries of Health and international donors and NGOs.

“I became more focused and goal-oriented, working more independently and feeling that I was able to manage teams more easily”, she says. She also experienced first-hand what it means to work for a startup, which involves autonomy, self-management, speed of execution, full responsibility, dealing with risk, adaptation to a changing environment and learning through failure.

The company – Savics

Savics is a social IT startup and was founded in Brussels in 2016. The company works closely with Ministries of Health, donors, international development partners, NGOs and civil society organizations worldwide to jointly develop digital solutions adapted to different environments. It collects, transports, and analyzes medical data from hospitals, labs, and health centers, making them available to Ministries of Health across 19 low and middle-income countries in Africa and South-East Asia.

“Morgane succeeded in strengthening the relationship between project managers and software engineers. Her keen sense of organization and systematic approach improved the process for the customization and implementation of DataToCare.”

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