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Nil Sancho Comasòlivas - Participant 2021-2022

“During my Prince Albert Fund year, l gained a lot of professional and personal experience.”


Nil Sancho’s mission was to evaluate and map out the healthcare market in Latin America and the Caribbean to determine which countries were most suitable and relevant for Savics’ operations in the region.


As the Business Development Director for the LATAM region, Nil Sancho focused on two areas: field research involving interactions with key players in the health industry, and desk research on the features of healthcare systems in various countries. His research covered topics such as investment and funding, infectious diseases, social awareness and prevention, and innovation practices.

How he benefited

The Prince Albert Fund experience helped Nil Sancho gain practical experience in commercial and business activities. He learned new skills and procedures, even if he had to deal with uncertainty in a new country. “All these processes helped me become more open minded, flexible and extrovert, to interact and communicate in a positive and inclusive way, and to understand the power that culture, history, traditions and community have”, he concludes.

The company – Savics

Savics is a social IT startup and was founded in Brussels in 2016. The company works closely with health ministries, donors, international development partners, NGOs and civil society organizations worldwide to jointly develop digital solutions adapted to different environments, implementing open-source platforms. It collects, transports, and analyzes medical data from hospitals, labs, and health centers, making them available to health ministries across 19 low and middle-income countries in Africa and South-East Asia.

As the person responsible for the market exploration and business development of the Latin-American market, Nil Sancho’s analysis helped Savics select six focus countries as potential partners.”

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