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Paulina Murrath - Participant 2020-2021

“The Prince Albert Fund project opened doors for me, trained as a chemical engineer to the world of business and entrepreneurial startup life.”


As part of her project, Paulina was asked to take on the role of North American representative of Urban Crop Solutions (UCS) to continue their business development activities.


Increasing sales of crop modules to existing customers was a priority, besides overseeing and developing the company’s website. In addition, Paulina decided to explore other possible target markets to diversify the portfolio. Food Safety being an integral part of any food supplier, she helped define the priorities to assure and improve Food Safety for current and future UCS systems.

How she benefited

Thanks to the feedback of her company coach, Paulina learned how to become more assertive, becoming more confident as time progressed. “I also gained tremendous business development knowledge and was able to hone my social skills through cold calling, networking and by creating the new website”, she explains.

Moreover, she also developed exemplary resilience in the face of a changing working environment, putting in place initiatives in different company divisions to ensure an overall positive outcome towards the main goals.

The company – Urban Crop Solutions

Founded in Beveren-Leie (Belgium) in 2014, Urban Crop Solutions is a global turnkey solution provider in automated plant growth infrastructure and plant growth recipes. It also supplies seeds, substrates and nutrients.

After opening Europe’s largest automated plant factory, Urban Crop Solutions launched activities in North America and more recently in Singapore, expanding the company to a truly global footprint.

“Paulina showed continuous improvement and effort in terms of aligning the company’s strategic vision with day-to-day priorities. She was a tremendous asset to our team.”

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