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Pauline Riga - Participant 2021-2022

“The project required flexibility, resilience and proactivity.”


Pauline’s mission consisted of identifying potential business partners for Renson in South Korea and to establish dealer partnerships for its business units.


The main objective was to meet as many stakeholders as possible to introduce them to the company’s product portfolio and raise awareness about the benefits and efficiency of its ventilation and sun protection systems. Pauline thus also conducted market analysis for Renson’s Korean subsidiaries. Even though she was forced to abandon the Japanese market due to the pandemic, she had a perfect opportunity to develop exports in the Korean market.

How she benefited

Pauline learned to make better use of her time and be more impactful when approaching new contacts. She had to establish a local presence in a relatively new market for the company, developing successful relationships with Korean counterparts and evaluating the product-market fit of Renson’s products for the Asian market. Coming from a career in law, Pauline says that she learned a lot about herself, while also discovering aspects about the new job that she liked. “I am incredibly pleased with my switch from law to business development, and wish to continue down this path”, she concludes.

The company – Renson

Since 1909, Renson has dedicated itself to creating a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

The Belgium family business produces sophisticated ventilation, sun protection and outdoor solutions for use in homes, offices, schools, and institutions, such as care institutions. Renson, which is increasingly focused on its own research and innovation, has since become an internationally renowned, fast-growing knowledgeable company that is constantly one step ahead of the game.

Pauline’s presence in South Korea gave us the opportunity to map out important factors such as regulations related to our products, competitor analysis and lifestyle trends.

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