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Pierre Lahy - Participant 2021-2022

“The challenges that I faced this year allowed me to quickly gain the trust and respect of my colleagues and boost my self-confidence.”


Pierre joined the immunology Patient Value Unit (iPVU) team in Brazil, supporting the launch of two new drugs in the UCB portfolio, mainly targeting the fields of rheumatology and gastroenterology.


The first objectives of Pierre’s mission were to support the local management in the definition of the portfolio strategy for both UCB drugs. He collaborated extensively with various departments from marketing and sales to medical affairs and market access, collecting and analyzing data on the patient and healthcare professional population. The project resulted in a clear business plan for 2022 and beyond. He also focused on the company’s digital transformation, mainly in its relationship with its stakeholders.

How he benefited

For Pierre, the Prince Albert Fund experience represented a unique opportunity to shift from a strong consulting and finance background to a more operational and strategic role. He also had to develop his project management skills which expanded his appetite for intrapreneurship. “The Prince Albert Fund was a key milestone in my personal and professional development and will be a key asset in the future of my career”, he concludes.

The company – UCB

Founded in Belgium in 1928, UCB today is a global biopharmaceutical company whose focus is to transform the lives of patients living with severe diseases, essentially neurology and immunology disorders. The company’s success is powered by the approximately 8,600 people – from its headquarters in Belgium and across nearly 40 countries worldwide.

Pierre fulfilled all the proposed objectives in an effective manner. He was able to add value by using his financial, strategic and project management skills while learning about the local market dynamics, challenges and opportunities.”

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