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Stefaan Cortebeeck - Participant 2013-2015

This project has given me more insight and understanding in a promising high value technology, namely 3D printing, especially in the high value medica


The Materialise Group works closely with surgeons for the planning and execution of complicated surgical procedures. Stefaan Cortebeeck’s project consisted of introducing the company’s state-of-the-art solutions — 3D printing applications in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC).

The targeted countries were Malaysia, Hong Kong and India.


In the countries where he operated, Stefaan had first to understand the healthcare market (hospital system, funding/reimbursement, medical devices market…) before identifying Key Opinion Leaders and converting them into users, as well as co-creating a sustainable business model with them.

From the Malaysian office, he also contributed to the development of a local sales team infrastructure and became a local product expert. “I now better understand the technology and its applications – especially in the high value medical field – and the existing market for medical 3D printing especially in the APAC region.”

How he benefited

Stefaan has had the opportunity to experience different fields – sales, marketing, regulatory, quality and so on – for a Belgian company in high value disruptive technology in a (specific) international context. It has given him the opportunity to better understand Materialise, its key norms, values and its organisational structure. This Prince Albert Fund project has also contributed to raising his awareness of the strengths of our Belgian industry, in the fields of research and innovation. “This experience will make me more effective and efficient in future similar international endeavours.”

The company – Materialise

Through its work with Additive Manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D Printing, Materialise helps bring great products aimed at niche markets directly to the marketplace as well as helping to make the prototypes of products which are subsequently manufactured by the millions. The company offers services to Engineering professionals.

Stefaan brought a lot of enthusiasm and drive to the Malaysian Materialise office. Both within the office as outside as a business developer he took several initiatives. As a business developer, he engaged with the Malaysian surgeon community and raised their enthusiasm about 3D printing applications in their field by organising a number of in-house events. Although the business as such is still very much in a developmental stage, Stefaan created a new, broader awareness in the local surgeon community than before.”

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