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Sybren Devoghel - Participant 2021-2022

“I have expanded my horizon, adopted a new way of seeing things and acquired a ton of new skills”.


Sybren’s mission consisted of investigating whether the US could be a long-term market for Trevi Environmental Solutions.


Sybren started with an overall assessment of the company to get a better understanding of its opportunities and challenges in the US market. After this first consultation phase, the decision was made to prioritize specific technologies in the field of air abatement and water assessment for automotive factories. Because Trevi had no technical teams in the US market, Sybren built a solid business network from scratch that could lead to potential partnerships.

How he benefited

He built an in-depth go-to-market strategy and submitted a detailed market report on renewable energy in the US. “I developed a can-do mentality which taught me to never give up and to find creative solutions to any challenge that I run into, he says. Thanks to this Prince Albert Fund experience, Sybren is now less afraid to take risks and is able to act in a faster and more direct way to meet opportunities. Moreover, he can now set priorities in a business environment.

The company – Trevi Environmental Solutions

Trevi Environmental Solutions, established in 1992, is a Belgian company operating in the environmental and energy industry. It employs a multidisciplinary team of more than 150 professionals including environmental advisers, process experts and installers, all working together for a better environment. Its strategy consists of applying a multidisciplinary approach to each environmental problem, in the fields of water, air and soil, as well as energy.

Sybren fully met the objectives that were defined at the beginning of the project. The different presentations ultimately helped Trevi to gain a better understanding of the US market.

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