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Tom Vande Moortel - Participant 2021-2022

“This position led me to focus more on understanding the clients’ issues.”


Tom’s key objective as the new Business Development Director was to establish EyeSee’s footing on the Asia Pacific (APAC) market. The company is one of the fastest-growing behavioral market research agencies in the world.


Tom set himself four main goals to help EyeSee implement its research and testing models. First, to drive sales of the company’s global clients through their regional APAC offices. Secondly, to engage with the regional players. The third goal was to increase EyeSee’s brand awareness in the APAC research market. And the fourth one consisted of building a team to ensure a long-lasting corporate presence in Singapore.

How he benefited

Through his Prince Albert Fund experience, Tom acquired a sales mindset, which he described as the most valuable skill, combined with the entrepreneurial, self-starting spirit that he was hoping to develop. “Stepping out of my comfort zone to reach out to potential clients, becoming more resilient, being systematic and persistent when following up on leads, and always being on the lookout for new opportunities required me to make a real mental paradigm shift”, he says.

The company – EyeSee

EyeSee (founded in 2012) is a Belgian scale-up that uses the latest technologies to make behavioral research accessible. Its main focus is to maximize the marketing impact of large retailers and other industries in the customer’s experience through innovation and technology, such as eye tracking, facial coding, virtual shopping, navigation, etc. The company represents over 150+ insights, data and business experts who work on the frontline of consumer behavior knowledge. EyeSee has offices in Belgrade, New York, Paris, Antwerp, London, Mexico City and Singapore.

Tom has been instrumental in our Singapore expansion plan. From establishing the office, evaluating tech impact, building awareness, and ultimately supporting ongoing multinational customer projects.”

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