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Victoria Clément de Cléty - Participant 2018-2019

“Entering this new market was quite a challenge. I therefore had to prove myself as a new entrant and gain the trust of the market players.”


Victoria’s project consisted of creating and developing a new innovative brand of high-end travel, called “Milestro”, in partnership with the Belgian travel group Connections.


Being the entrepreneur behind this spin-off, Victoria’s role was to build the business from scratch. This encompassed all the tasks and challenges that are associated with the creation of a new business venture, including the development and positioning of the Milestro brand, the analysis of the market and trends in the current luxury travel sector, the development of a business and financial plan and a business strategy.

How she benefited

Victoria found being constantly on the move, from one country to the next, while working on the project a tough challenge. “I travelled to 24 destinations, meeting more than 350 travel industry players, and building a total of about 250 partnerships”, she explains.

This required a lot of good organization and some serious anticipation skills. One main thing she developed during her Prince Albert Fund year was a great ability to adapt to different environments, people, businesses, and cultures by keeping an open-minded attitude.

The company – Connections

Connections is a 100 % pure Belgian Travel Organization, and one of the major players on the Belgian tourism market. The company, which was founded in 1986, has a network of 31 Travel Shops in Belgium. Connections specializes in offering the best and cheapest air fares and vacation packages worldwide.


“Victoria has achieved a tremendous amount of work. She created a brand and identified its unique selling proposition. She analyzed the real requirements of her target market and designed the value proposition.”

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