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Vitaline Bouckaert - Participant 2017-2018

This project increased my confidence, enabling me to make decisions and realize that nothing is crystal clear in the business world, you have to take


Vitaline Bouckaert’s assignment was a mix of project management and business development for the launch of an entirely new flooring category for Unilin.


More specifically, Vitaline was tasked with the responsibility to research, develop, source and launch new ranges of flexible and rigid vinyl flooring products in the Australian and New-Zealand marketplace. Consequently, she had to change task throughout the day, working as a product manager in the morning, a marketing manager and graphic designer in the afternoon, and a technical and operational manager at other times.

How she benefited

This Prince Albert Fund experience significantly improved Vitaline’s social and soft skills as she had to keep all the teams focused and driven for the launch of the new product. She also had to gain their trust and respect so that she could bring everyone on board, capturing their enthusiasm and interest. “This year has been the perfect bridge between my past and future career – the bridge I needed from the legal world to the economic and business world. It shed new light on the evolution of my career on the long term”.


The company – Unilin


Unilin produces laminate floors, engineered wood, vinyl floors, boards, decorative panels, finished products, roofing elements and insulation panels. The Belgian company is part of the American company Mohawk Industries Inc. Its head office is based in Desselgem.


ln terms of Vitaline’s input, there is no question among the entire team that her extensive market research, product development, range selection and contribution to leaders of all internal departments, gave rise to a very successful sales result.”

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