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Wouter Debeyne - Participant 2016

Thanks to the Prince Albert Fund, I learned how to investigate and address business opportunities, both in Dubai and India.


Wouter Debeyne had to identify a wide range of business opportunities in lndia and the Middle East for TomTom Belgium, a subsidiary of TomTom, working across several segments, where there was a need to investigate and address these opportunities.


The first challenge was to seek an understanding of what the specific opportunities were in respect to the “100 Smart Cities lndia project” and which elements of TomTom’s products were most suited. Working with the local sales representative, Wouter developed a targeted pitch around the company’s core products (map and traffic information) to meet an essential need and component for these large Indian cities, mainly in terms of traffic management.
After India, Wouter focused on the second part of his assignment in Dubai, supporting the local reseller and following up on new leads in a more mature market.

How he benefited

When Wouter applied for the Prince Albert Fund, he felt drawn to the professional and cultural challenge of working outside of Europe. Working in lndia and the Middle East proved to be challenging, both cultures being very different. It offered him the opportunity to expand his business network in these regions and beyond.

This experience also led Wouter to the technology sector and accelerated his career development. “I enjoyed being a part of this organization, which is driven by a culture of innovation and pushing technological boundaries. I currently live in Dubai and am the regional manager
for TomTom across the Middle East and India.”

The company – TomTom Belgium

TomTom Belgium is the operational headquarters for the entire Maps unit. As part of the TomTom Group, the Ghent office is leading the way in developing new technologies, such as HD Maps and RoadDNA, paving the way for autonomous driving with navigation and high-accuracy positioning of vehicles on the road.

“Wouter invested considerable time in establishing ties with the Pune Municipality and Traffic Police and positioning TomTom as a partner in several bids. This resulted in a successful traffic management project for TomTom in Pune.”

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