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Yannick Schuermans - Participant 2016

I’m much better prepared for starting up my own business because of my Prince Albert Fund experience.


Yannick Schuermans was sent to the United States as Country Manager to establish a local office and explore market opportunities for Twikit, a cloud-based platform allowing end-to-end product customization for 3D printing manufacturers and other digital manufacturers.


Getting a foothold in the American market was strategically very important for the company to support its international development. In terms of objectives, Yannick succeeded in establishing Twikit as a player in the customization and digital manufacturing industry (for 3D printing companies and executives, the online 3D printing education sector…).

Even if the process of raising awareness about a new technology required time, patience and persistency, he did succeed in laying the foundation of the company’s future growth in the U.S., setting up valuable strategic partnerships and connecting with industry experts.

How he benefited

Twikit allowed Yannick to turn his Prince Albert Fund project into a full-fledged position in the U.S. He soon adapted to the complex and constantly evolving world of 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing, transforming from an analytical person into an actual entrepreneur, devising and implementing a strategy.

In one of the most fast-paced business environments on the planet, he succeeded in triggering the interest of leading companies such as Adidas, American Standard and Michael Kors as well 
as smaller companies and start-ups. This approach led to promising advanced qualified leads and the closure of an important deal in the jewelry sector.

The company – Twikit

Twikit is a Belgian scale-up with a focus on 3D customization and digital manufacturing.
It sets a new standard for how brands design and create products, namely customizable, production-on-demand, and digital. The company consists of a team of 18 employees from different backgrounds with different fields of expertise. Its skilled software developers and design studio specifically focus on digital manufacturing and customization. Its offices in New York and Antwerp establish strong international relationships with companies that produce everything from fashion, automotive, furniture to consumer electronics.

“Thanks to this experience with Yannick and the Prince Albert Fund, we are now fully established in the American market and ready to further grow in this U.S.”

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